Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Radio Drama on 12th August 2007

This is another part of our program that we're prounded to present
This show is Thai language (Norththern language we are from the North of Thailand)
This talked about A Local Radio in Huay Suk Villag (alias name).

I am not so sure you can listen it or not...So sorry I am A new blogger.
I have tried upload a file but it did not work. If somebody knows how to do it please recommend me how!

Our goals

1) To provide a channel for communities to communicate and share about their experiences, lifestyles, cultures, local knowledge and problems.

2) To provide an opportunity for civil groups to develop radio producing skills and
learn how to make an efficient and effective radio production.

What does Phaya-Chumhon do?

1. ‘Phaya-Chumchon Radio Production’

Phaya-Chumchon is variety talk show radio program of 50 minutes in length.It broadcasts on Voice of Mass Communication-Radio Station, Chiang Mai University,FM 100 MHz at 6:10 - 7:00 pm. This program provides a medium for sharing among citizens, experts, academics, activists and government officers, for discussion about social issues or conflicts, especially the issue of discrimination or infringement of ethnic people, disabled people, people living with HIV/AIDS by the government and private individuals. The program also informs and promotes human rights,environmental issues, local rituals and knowledge regarding finding some solutions or proper ways for development of our society.

2 ‘Phaya-Chumchon’s Website’

Phaya-Chumchon’s website is a harbor of civil movement information in many
kinds of formats such as news release, calendar of activities, interesting forums or
seminars, opinion web board and Phaya-Chumchon radio program voice files that
can be downloaded for public service; in order to be an alternative media for civil
society groups or people who are interested in this program. Additionally,outside of the radio broadcasting area, people can receive information via the website, with the potential outcome that more people can take some action to resolve social problems.